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BIND 8/9
File System
 Newest HowTos

  09 APR 03  [APACHE
This HowTo explains how to connect to a MySQL database using JDBC. It also presents an example Java program and Java Servlet to demonstrate how to connect to MySQL with JDBC and a driver from MySQL.

  28 MAR 03  [APACHE
This HowTo is an update for installing Apache 1.3.24/SSL/PHP/Perl, this page uses Apache/1.3.27 plus the latest versions of PHP, SSL, mod_perl, and Tomcat. Tomcat adds the ability to server jsp and servlets.

  25 MAR 03  [SAMBA
The newest HowTo is for using Samba 2.2 as a PDC. Like the other Samba pages, it shows how to install, configure, and start a Samba server, but this HowTo shows how to add user and machine accounts to the Samba domain for which the Samba server acts as a Primary Domain Controller.

  27 NOV 02  [DAEMONS
These HowTos cover setting up a Concurrent Versions System and using a CVS system to manage projects. 

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This site contains various HowTos that I have created while using Linux.  Site navigation is best accomplished with the links at the left; pressing the HOME link or either the Tux or Beastie image will return you to this page.  The HowTos are divided into sections with the newest HowTo at the top of each section's page.

*Note, Linux is a registered Trademark of Linus Torvalds.  Any other copyrighted names used on this site and all references to other software distributions are copyrighted by their respective developers. 

The Tux image on the left is created by  Larry Ewing.