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BIND 8/9
File System
Description: This page covers how to create a Linux ext3 journaling filesystem.
Updated: 02 APR 02   Ext3 File System

Description: This is my latest page on how to create a Linux ext2 file system and a swap partition.
Updated: 19 JUN 01   Ext2 File System (new)

Description: This is an old page on how to make a file system for Linux. You may want to refer to the updated page for a more comprehensive example.
Updated: 3 NOV 00   Ext2 File System (old)

Description: Although this is an old page it is still very useful as following the procedures here can double the speed of you IDE hard disk by enabling 32-bit access and DMA.
Updated: 3 NOV 00   Enable 32-bit access for Hard Drives

Description: This is an older page that explains how to use fdisk to create partitions in Linux. The contents are covered in the new file system page above.
Updated: 3 NOV 00   fdisk

Description: This is also an older page, it shows how to create tape archives of files and compress/decompress files.
Updated: 3 NOV 00   tar and gzip