BIND 8/9
File System
Description: This pages covers installing and configuring BIND 8.X, this was one of the first web pages I created so it lacks the formatting of the others.
Updated: 2 MAY 01   DNS Configuring BIND 8

Description: This is an updated page to the one above, it covers installing BIND 9 to replace BIND 8. I'll add some configuration pages for BIND 9 soon.
Updated: 12 JUN 01   Upgrading to BIND 9.1.1

Description: This pages covers installing BIND 9.2.0. This will be a several part series.
Updated: 12 NOV 01   Installing BIND 9.2.0   [Part 1]

Description: This page covers configuring named.conf, domains, and startup script for BIND 9.2.0
Updated: N/A   Configuring BIND 9.2.0   [Part 2]