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HELP for SAMBA-2.0.7 configure file

Usage: configure [options] [host]

Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]


--cache-file=FILE cache test results in FILE

--help print this message

--no-create do not create output files

--quiet, --silent do not print `checking...' messages

--version print the version of autoconf that created configure

Directory and file names:

--prefix=PREFIX install architecture-independent files in PREFIX


--exec-prefix=EPREFIX install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX

[same as prefix]

--bindir=DIR user executables in DIR [EPREFIX/bin]

--sbindir=DIR system admin executables in DIR [EPREFIX/sbin]

--libexecdir=DIR program executables in DIR [EPREFIX/libexec]

--datadir=DIR read-only architecture-independent data in DIR


--sysconfdir=DIR read-only single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/etc]

--sharedstatedir=DIR modifiable architecture-independent data in DIR


--localstatedir=DIR modifiable single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/var]

--libdir=DIR object code libraries in DIR [EPREFIX/lib]

--includedir=DIR C header files in DIR [PREFIX/include]

--oldincludedir=DIR C header files for non-gcc in DIR [/usr/include]

--infodir=DIR info documentation in DIR [PREFIX/info]

--mandir=DIR man documentation in DIR [PREFIX/man]

--srcdir=DIR find the sources in DIR [configure dir or ..]

--program-prefix=PREFIX prepend PREFIX to installed program names

--program-suffix=SUFFIX append SUFFIX to installed program names


run sed PROGRAM on installed program names

Host type:

--build=BUILD configure for building on BUILD [BUILD=HOST]

--host=HOST configure for HOST [guessed]

--target=TARGET configure for TARGET [TARGET=HOST]

Features and packages:

--disable-FEATURE do not include FEATURE (same as --enable-FEATURE=no)

--enable-FEATURE[=ARG] include FEATURE [ARG=yes]

--with-PACKAGE[=ARG] use PACKAGE [ARG=yes]

--without-PACKAGE do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no)

--x-includes=DIR X include files are in DIR

--x-libraries=DIR X library files are in DIR

--enable and --with options recognized:

--enable-maintainer-mode enable some make rules for maintainers

--with-smbwrapper Include SMB wrapper support

--without-smbwrapper Don't include SMB wrapper support (default)

--with-afs Include AFS support

--without-afs Don't include AFS support (default)

--with-dfs Include DFS support

--without-dfs Don't include DFS support (default)

--with-krb4=base-dir Include Kerberos IV support

--without-krb4 Don't include Kerberos IV support (default)

--with-krb5=base-dir Include Kerberos 5 support

--without-krb5 Don't include Kerberos 5 support (default)

--with-automount Include AUTOMOUNT support

--without-automount Don't include AUTOMOUNT support (default)

--with-smbmount Include SMBMOUNT (Linux only) support

--without-smbmount Don't include SMBMOUNT support (default)

--with-pam Include PAM password database support

--without-pam Don't include PAM password database support (default)

--with-ldap Include LDAP support

--without-ldap Don't include LDAP support (default)

--with-nisplus Include NISPLUS password database support

--without-nisplus Don't include NISPLUS password database support (default)

--with-nisplus-home Include NISPLUS_HOME support

--without-nisplus-home Don't include NISPLUS_HOME support (default)

--with-ssl Include SSL support

--without-ssl Don't include SSL support (default)

--with-sslinc=DIR Where the SSL includes are (defaults to /usr/local/ssl)

--with-syslog Include experimental SYSLOG support

--without-syslog Don't include SYSLOG support (default)

--with-profile Include profile support

--without-profile Don't include profile support (default)

--with-netatalk Include experimental Netatalk support

--without-netatalk Don't include experimental Netatalk support (default)

--with-quotas Include experimental disk-quota support

--without-quotas Don't include experimental disk-quota support (default)

--with-utmp Include experimental utmp accounting

--without-utmp Don't include experimental utmp accounting (default)

--with-privatedir=DIR Where to put smbpasswd (/usr/local/samba/private)

--with-lockdir=DIR Where to put lock files (/usr/local/samba/var/locks)

--with-swatdir=DIR Where to put SWAT files (/usr/local/samba/swat)

--with-sambabook=DIR Where to put Using Samba book (/usr/local/samba/swat/using_samba) (default)

--without-sambabook Don't install Using Samba book