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./configure options

suse:~/ssh-2.4.0 # ./configure --help | less
Usage: configure [options] [host]
Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]
  --cache-file=FILE       cache test results in FILE
  --help                  print this message
  --no-create             do not create output files
  --quiet, --silent       do not print `checking...' messages
  --version               print the version of autoconf that created configure
Directory and file names:
  --prefix=PREFIX         install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
  --exec-prefix=EPREFIX   install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX
                          [same as prefix]
  --bindir=DIR            user executables in DIR [EPREFIX/bin]
  --sbindir=DIR           system admin executables in DIR [EPREFIX/sbin]
  --libexecdir=DIR        program executables in DIR [EPREFIX/libexec]
  --datadir=DIR           read-only architecture-independent data in DIR
  --sysconfdir=DIR        read-only single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/etc]
  --sharedstatedir=DIR    modifiable architecture-independent data in DIR
  --localstatedir=DIR     modifiable single-machine data in DIR [PREFIX/var]
  --libdir=DIR            object code libraries in DIR [EPREFIX/lib]
  --includedir=DIR        C header files in DIR [PREFIX/include]
  --oldincludedir=DIR     C header files for non-gcc in DIR [/usr/include]
  --infodir=DIR           info documentation in DIR [PREFIX/info]
  --mandir=DIR            man documentation in DIR [PREFIX/man]
  --srcdir=DIR            find the sources in DIR [configure dir or ..]
  --program-prefix=PREFIX prepend PREFIX to installed program names
  --program-suffix=SUFFIX append SUFFIX to installed program names
                          run sed PROGRAM on installed program names
Host type:
  --build=BUILD           configure for building on BUILD [BUILD=HOST]
  --host=HOST             configure for HOST [guessed]
  --target=TARGET         configure for TARGET [TARGET=HOST]
Features and packages:
  --disable-FEATURE       do not include FEATURE (same as --enable-FEATURE=no)
  --enable-FEATURE[=ARG]  include FEATURE [ARG=yes]
  --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]    use PACKAGE [ARG=yes]
  --without-PACKAGE       do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no)
  --x-includes=DIR        X include files are in DIR
  --x-libraries=DIR       X library files are in DIR
--enable and --with options recognized:
  --with-purify=PURIFY    Use purify (default --without-purify) 
                          Disable optimization of the binaries
  --with-addr-model[=NAME]   Memory addressing model to use (ilp32,lp64).
                          Enable verbose compiler warnings.
  --disable-debug         Disable light debugging.
  --enable-debug-heavy    Enable heavy debugging.
  --enable-efence         Enable EFENCE memory allocation debugger.
  --with-x                use the X Window System
  --enable-static[=flag]  Enable static building [with ] (default no)
                          (flags by default autodetected if yes)
  --without-daemonpam     Disable PAM support in the daemon.
  --without-clientpam     Disable PAM support in the client.
                          Change sshd2's PAM service name to "name". 
  --with-serversecurid[=PATH]   Enable support for SecurID server authentication.
  --with-clientsecurid    Enable support for SecurID client authentication.
  --with-tis[=DIR]        Enable support for TIS authentication server.
                          (TIS support not yet implemented.)
  --with-libwrap[=PATH]   Compile in libwrap (tcp_wrappers) support.
                          Allow group writeability in hostbased-
                          and pubkey-authentication. 
                          Include ssh-agent1 compatibility. (default)
                          Leave out ssh-agent1 compatibility.
                          Use VALUE as default SSH_SOCKS_SERVER value. 
  --with-etcdir=PATH      Directory containing ssh system files (default /etc).
                          Install ssh-signer without suid bit
                          Disable port forwarding support
                          Disable X11 forwarding support
                          Maximum number of simultaneous connections to  server.
                          (default unlimited)
  --without-pgp           Do not include PGP library.
  --with-pty=type         Override automatic detection of pty-type.
                          pty-$type.c should be found in lib/sshsession.
                          Compile in Kerberos5 support. Kerberos support
                          is EXPERIMENTAL.
  --disable-tcp-nodelay   Enable TCP_NODELAY socket option
                          Use blocking connect system call.
                          Use only ssh internal localtime function.
  --with-threads=xxx      Use thread package xxx ()