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Upgrading Sendmail to 8.11.3

  1. Obtain the latest source from (8.11.3 at the time of this page's creation). Put the source in a temporary place, I put it in my home directory under sendmail.
  2. Backup your current configuration: daemon, startup script,and conf files.
       suse:~ #cp /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail.old  (daemon)
       suse:~ #cp /etc/aliases /etc/aliases.old              (aliases file)
       suse:~ #cp /etc/aliases.db /etc/aliases.db.old        (aliases database file)
       suse:~ #cp /etc/ /etc/      (configuration file)   
       suse:~ #cp /etc/ /etc/      (domain aliases)
       suse:~ #cp /etc/rc.d/sendmail /etc/rc.d/sendmail.old  (startup script)
  3. Decompress and untar the source file.
       suse:~/sendmail #gzip -cd bind-9.1.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  4. Change to the newly created sendmail-8.11.3 {source} directory and read the README file
       suse:~/sendmail #cd sendmail-8.11.3
       suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3 #less README
  5. Configure and compile the source with the Build script.
       suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3 #sh Build
  6. Change to the cf/cf directory and copy the .mc file that matches your system to
       suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3/cf/cf #cp
  7. If you are upgrading, you can create a new (step 8) or use your existing one (step 9).
  8. Creating a new file, you can read the sendmail-8.11.3/cf/README file for options and features, these should be added before configuring the .cf file with M4 or sh Build.
    1. Create the file using the m4 macro processor
         suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3/cf/cf #m4 ../m4/ >
    2. Run sh Build, it does the same thing as the above command (checks the config.* file)
         suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3/cf/cf #sh Build
         using M4=/usr/bin/m4
         make: `' is up to date
    3. Install as /etc/mail/
         suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3/cf/cf #cp /etc/mail/
  9. Using an existing /etc/mail/ file, lines to change in
    1. Update the version of the file
         # level 8 config file format
    2. Update the reported version, can be seen by telnet {host|IP} 25.
         #Configuration version number
         DZ8.11.3/Linux 8.11.3   
  10. Use you startup script to stop the sendmail daemon or kill the process using ps -ax, kill -9 [sendmail pid].
       suse:~#/etc/rc.d/sendmail stop
  11. Install the binary created in step 5, this will install the binary to /usr/sbin, and installs the man pages as well.
       suse:~/sendmail/sendmail-8.11.3/ #sh Build install  
  12. Update the aliases.db file by running newaliases
       /etc/aliases: 36 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 403 bytes total
  13. Start the sendmail daemon.
       suse:~#/etc/rc.d/sendmail start