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BIND 8/9
File System
Description: This is also one of the first web pages I created. It is somewhat outdated which is why I created the pages below.
Updated: 18 FEB 01   Samba 2.0.7 (OLD)

Description: This page covers installing and configuring Samba 2.0.9. It also covers enabling SWAT for Samba. I know that 2.0.9 has a security hole in it, but the process covered on the page is the same for all 2.0.x Samba servers; so use at least samba 2.0.10.
Updated: 10 OCT 01   Samba 2.0.9

Description: When I get time, I'll add a page for setting up Samba 2.2.x as a PDC.
Updated: N/A   Samba 2.2.x (coming soon)