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BIND 8/9
File System
Description: Another old page, this one covers using Network File Systems.
Updated: 8 OCT 00   Network File System

Description: Explains how to upgrade your Linux server's Sendmail server.
Updated: 12 JUN 01   Upgrading Sendmail

Description: This page is the first in a two part series on how to configure your kernel to use a iptables Firewall.
Updated: 19 JUN 01   Enabling iptables support

Description: This page is incomplete; although I am using several iptables firewalls, I haven't finished this page yet.
Updated: 19 JUN 01   Configuring iptable Firewall

Description: This page covers installing ProFTPD as a FTP daemon on Linux. I plan on adding a configuration page as well.
Updated: 23 DEC 01   Installing ProFTPD

Description: Covers how to install a MySQL database.  I'll be adding some more pages about this database soon.
Updated: 28 SEP 01   Installing MySQL 3.23.44