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The source for the Untarall Perl Script

  #! /usr/bin/perl -w

  use strict;

  #Holds file names
   my @untar_files =();

  #Use to store list of decompressed/untar'd Directories for deleting with rmalldir
   open DIRS, "> ./dirlist" or die "Can't open dirlist:$!";

  #Decompresses and untars all the tar.gz files in the dir
   foreach ( glob "*.tar.gz"  ) {
       system "gzip -cd $_ | tar xvf -";
       push @untar_files, "$_\n"; #Put name in array for reporting status
       $_=~ s/(.*).tar.gz/$1/;    #Remove .tar.gz from file name
       print DIRS "$_\n";         #Print dir names to a file
  #Reports filenames that were decompressed
   system "clear";
   print "Untared and Decompressed:\n @untar_files\n";