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1.3.20 Upgrade


This page will cover upgrading Apache 1.3.9 to 1.3.20 on a SuSE Linux Server.  Some of the file locations and run-levels will be different from yours if you aren't using SuSE.  The commands are shown at the correct prompt (directory levels) while using a bash shell(#).

  1. Backup your entire web site, to include anything (scripts, daemons, etc) you don't want to lose.
       suse:/ # mv /usr/local/httpd /share/httpd.bak
  2. Put the new source in a directory to decompress and untar (I use /usr/src/packages/SOURCES)
  3. Next change to the directory, decompress/Untar the source, and change to the new apache_1.3.20 directory.
       suse:/ # cd /usr/src/packages/SOURCES
       suse:/usr/src/packages/SOURCES # gzip -cd apache_1.3.20.tar.gz | tar xvf -
       suse:/usr/src/packages/SOURCES # cd apache_1.3.20
  4. Run the configure script to set the environment options for your server.

       suse:/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/apache_1.3.20 # ./configure --prefix={path to apache root}
    (path is /usr/local/httpd in this case, use ./configure --help | less for more configure options)
  5. Compile the source with make.
       suse:/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/apache_1.3.20 # make
  6. Install the compiled binaries, you will need to be root for this step.
       suse:/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/apache_1.3.20 # make install
  7. Copy the script to start and stop Apache.
       suse:/ # cp /usr/local/httpd/bin/apachectl /etc/rc.d/apcahectl
  8. Rename your existing script (probably called apache) that starts Apache in /etc/rc.d to apache.old and create a symbolic link using the old script name to point to the apachectl script.  This way you don't have to change the links in each run level.
       suse:/etc/rc.d # mv apache apache.old
       suse:/etc/rc.d # ln -s ../apachectl apache
  9. Move the Daemon to /usr/sbin (place for system binaries).
       suse:/ # cp /usr/local/httpd/bin/httpd /usr/sbin/httpd
  10. Edit /etc/rc.d/apachectl so "HTTPD=" points to /usr/sbin/httpd.
  11. To retain the same httpd.conf file, copy the old configuration file to /usr/local/httpd/conf/ (the default location) after backing up the original example script.
       suse:/ # cp /usr/local/httpd/conf/httpd.conf /usr/local/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.original
       suse:/ # cp /etc/httpd/httpd.conf /usr/local/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  12. Restore your .html files and others to the web site directory
       suse:/ # mv /share/httpd.bak/htdocs /usr/local/httpd/
  13. Restart Apache
        suse:/etc/rc.d # ./apache restart
  14. The process for installing from the source is similiar to upgrading except you won't have to replace any existing files.